Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Teen talent recognized

The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Wednesday, May 31, 2006
One of the best-kept secrets in Ottawa appears to have been the wealth of talent in the fields of performing and literary arts that exists in our high schools. Previously, little positive news about teens has been seen outside of the sports pages. Thanks to the Citizen, and Associate Editor Ruth Dunley in particular, this is no longer true.

Until this year, these students worked long hours rehearsing and constructing sets. They created memorable characters that came to life for a few short days and their efforts went unnoticed by most.

Now, thanks to the Citizen's sponsorship of the "Cappies" program, Ottawa has been made aware that the arts flourish in our schools. Perhaps the audiences may have increased because readers saw the production dates in the newspaper. High-school critics have honed their writing skills to review these productions (if you have read the reviews that have been published, you will see that their abilities speak for themselves). Performers eagerly awaited the publication in the Citizen of reviews of their shows. Reviewers experienced the thrill of seeing their work published for the first time, knowing that thousands of people would be reading their words.

As a teacher at St. Patrick's High School, I thank the Citizen for having the courage to be the first Canadian newspaper to sponsor this program, to see the value in supporting the creative efforts of today's youth.

Maureen Johnson,