Friday, November 04, 2005

Magazine sharing

I think hockey rinks, children's sports facilities, and any other public space where grown-ups spend much time sitting around bored should have a magazine recycling center. It could be a small bookshelf or even just a cardboard box or a designated spot on a table.
People would then be encouraged to bring in their magazines (or even books!) from home that they are no longer using. In turn, they are welcome to take any magazines of interest out of the pile. Ideally, they would read while waiting for their kids to come out of activity and place it back for someone else to read.
A separate pile may have to be kept for magazines with ripped pages. They are good for the recycle bin.
This would help clean out people's houses, encourage re-use of items, prolong the time it takes for them to hit the recycle bins, and keep bored parents amused. It is a low-budget project that doesn't really need any maintenance and what's the worst that could happen?
I may be moving back to the xwave office in Stittsville soon. If so, I think I'll consider starting up this system over there.


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