Thursday, October 13, 2005

Personalized Events Calendar

It's been a while since updating my braindump blog. I was to NS for 2.5 weeks and not thinking of any Earth-shaking endeavors. I have a new idea now, though, and it has nothing to do with my youth webpage at all.
I want to build an app that will create a detailed personalized events calendar. It will extract information from different venues/sellers/etc and display it all on one calendar for easy referral. This would be helpful for users who want to know what's coming up in their own town. It would also be very helpful for users who are travelling to a different town and need help with finding what's going on there during the desired dates.
A personalized view would allow users to create a default view based on venues, genre, etc. Otherwise, a simple browsing capability will allow the entire database to be viewed.
Links to ticket sellers would be provided. Perhaps those links would also provide a comission to app?
Something to think about. There's way more technology involved than I am capable of, but it's still something that people would like to have. If I had a bottomless pot of money, I would enroll back in school for Human-Computer Interaction at Carleton and make this my thesis.


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