Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Dad wants to build a webpage. I wish I lived closer to him because I would like to help him out with it.
One major feature he wants to have on his website is a calendar of events. He would post worldwide events that of are interest to those in his field. People would email him their events and he would add them to the calendar. This feature would be edited on-line so he could make modifications even when he is on the road.
I searched "web calendar template" on google and found that there are many such calendars ready for use. Sent him the info and offered to set up a couple of them on my personal webspace for testing purposes.
It got me thinking. My dream webpage could also have a calendar. A volunteer at each school would be responsible for keeping the calendar up to date with sporting events, science fairs, fundraisers, school plays, etc. Anything that may be of interest to the general public could be added to the calendar. That would be cool.


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