Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Industry should not assume female gamers prefer fluff

PUBLICATION: The Ottawa Citizen
DATE: 2005.07.19
PNAME: Letters
BYLINE: Alex Watt
SOURCE: The Ottawa Citizen
ILLUSTRATION: Photo: Rod MacIvor, The Ottawa Citizen / Alex Watt sayswomen are wrongly pigeonholed as preferring easy, silly video games when in fact, many women enjoy the games supposedly targeted at males.


Industry should not assume female gamers prefer fluff


Re: Winning big with women, July 14.

While I'm pleased that people are finally realizing that there is a market for female gamers, I feel that the portrayal of female gamers is somewhat generalized and off-track.

The article stated that women are more attracted to fluff games such as Nintendogs, Neopets, and Bratz Rock Angelz, which are easy and silly.

Yet the writer's tone implied that females would shy away from fantastic games such as Halo, Star Wars Battlefront, BloodRayne 2 or the Prince of Persia series. These games are more challenging and creative.

I find that many female gamers I know enjoy the "testosterone-fuelled" games that supposedly are only enjoyed by males. But the industry is underestimating the average female gamer if it only promotes fluff games for them.

The problem with people's attitudes to gamers is that they believe there is a difference between male and female gamers when it is the game that is so different. We both like games that will entertain us but also keep us occupied for hours on end. For instance, I enjoy playing Psychonauts because it has so many interesting worlds with great visuals.

Mindless games that the game companies think females are interested in are not the games we want.

Alex Watt, 18,



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