Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Regular Feature: The Debate

Each month will announce next month's debate topic that is of interest to both teens and the community. Those who wish to discuss the topic will choose the "pro" or "con" side to the topic and write up their argument. Entries must be in by last Friday of the month.
The following week, a selection committee will choose the winners for each side of the debate. The committee could include student and community volunteers. The community volunteers could be of industry or interest related to the month's topic.
On the First Friday of the next month, the top 3 entries for each side will be posted on the site. As a bonus, the topmost entry for each side could be printed in the Ottawa Citizen as a reqular feature.The entries could be put in their own little box with a "For more, please check the website" footnote.
Putting it in the Citizen would be an incentive for kids to participate and would give the community a chance to learn about the site.
Some good debate topics:

  • Junk food in the school.
  • Mandatory physical activity in the cirriculum.
  • Mandatory volunteer activitiy.
  • Lowering the voting age to 16.
  • Reality television has its place in society.
  • The Simpsons protray a realistic/respectful view of the world we live in.
  • Schools are responsible for teaching more than just the Three Rs.
  • High school graduates are ready for the real world.
  • Downloading music/movies from the Internet is a bad thing.
  • Something related to current events... although those may not always be of interest to students.


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